Benjarong village

Sunday, February 20, 2011
By admin
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Benjarong village or Donkaidee village (Ceramic village)

Location: Approximately 25 km. from Bangkok.

: By car, by taxi

Commuting Means: By car

Outstanding scene: Delicate Thai fine arts painting and designs:

Visiting time: 4-5 hours including travelling time.

Brief description:

Benjarong, white and blue and Siladol porcelain are referred as precious porcelain. It is often used by Royal families, noblemen, hi-class or rich families and even hi-ranking monks. Not only it is able to trace back civilization of mankind, it also reflects the taste and way of life of those who use them. For those who appreciate its value as cultural heritage may have items with distinguish and outstanding features for their own personal collection.

Visiting Donkaidee Benjarong Village:

Benjarong & Chinaware are referred as precious porcelain, often used by Royal families, noblemen, hi-class or rich families and even hi-ranking monks. The mostly used items are dishes, bowls, flower vases, coffee sets and tea sets. It reflects the taste and way of life of those who use them.

Chinaware and Benjarong have been used since ancient time particularly among the Asian people. It is one way to trace back about civilization of mankind in history. For those who realize about cultural heritage and the value of Chinaware and Benjarong may collect items with distinguish and outstanding features for their own appreciation and personal collection.

In Thailand, there are many makers of Chinaware and Benjarong with very fine and delicate painting. Donkaidee is one village in Kratoomban District, Samutrsongkram Province where there are many Benjarong manufacturers. Most of them received highest recognition from OTOP (One Tambon One Product) Committee many times. Now the village is known as “Donkaidee Benjarong Village”.

Donkaidee village is around 25 kilometers from Bangkok by driving along Petchkasem street. One can drive further according to the sign to Kratoomban District and then Donkaidee. When one approaches the village, we will see a sign written “Donkaidee Benjarong Village”. One can park the car and walk around seeing all kind of products.

Benjarong means five colors, so it is porcelain tainting in five colors. However, at this time, it may be painted in 7-8 colors. Most of the paintings are delicate and soft look with Thai artistic style. Every piece of the products is purely hand painting with great experience. So the painting appears in flowers, Theppanom, fish, the figures from Rammakien legend and Thai way of life. Beside variety of painting, the products are also made in variety of shape and purpose, dishes, plates, vases, bowls, cups, coffee pots and sets and tea pots and sets.


As we recognize the value of cultural heritage and also the way of income earning for people and country. It is encouraging the government organization to support ways for value added increasing both creative designs and technology for maintaining competitiveness.


Note: Author would like to thank Khun Pen, Kun Dang, Kun Pad, Kun Urai, Kun Lek and Kun Supanuch for some discussion and photo taking.

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