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Location: The central area of the country

Transportaion: By sea, by air by train with neighboring countries

Construction: To be found as the capital of Thailand since B.E. 2325

Highlight: Full of delicate fine arts and Thai styles architecture, very large shopping centers with global trend shopping

Brief description:

Bangkok, the capital city, has a great meaning to Thailand. It is the biggest city, the center of the administration, the sea port, airport, one of the most important airport in Southeast Asia, the industrial zone, the country business and financial center as well as tourism and entertainment centers. Buddhism is the major religion in the country.

Bangkok or Krung Thep Maha Nakorn has been the capital city of Thailand since B.E. 2325. The city was founded by King Rama I who, after reigning to the throne, instructed the move of the capital from Krung Thonburi to Bangkok, the East bank of the Chao Praya river. The city remains the capital of the country till now. The city is packed with dense registered and nonregistered population of more than 10 million.

Since it has been the capital of the country for long, it has accumulated traditional culture which then become the national assets in term of fine-arts or architecture. Because of its exposure to the global culture for more than 200 years, it becomes the city with international inspiration, cultures, lifestyles, skyscrapers and etc. The city becomes one of the most attractive cities for tourists which often leave back home with, of course, memorable experience.

Bangkok sometimes called “angel city” is like a heaven place for tourists. There are many things to see and study, historical places, Thai style arts and architecture, sports and Thai boxing, entertainment centers, relaxing Thai massage and even shopping places vary from very exclusive shopping centers to walking street markets. Besides that, Thai food is also well recognized with its spicy taste and favor.

Meanwhile Bangkok is a big city, transportation is now quite convenient. We can easy travel from one area to the other areas of the city by taxis, air conditioned buses, sky train or even subway. Due to limited time of foreign tourists, it is highly recommended to plan well the place to visit. There are so many places in Bangkok where tourists may pick up as seeing sites.

To be seen:

Bangkok can be divided into zoning and be described highlight of each zoning

The inner zone (The Royal Palace Zone):

The area has been occupied by many famous construction. The royal palaces such as the Grand Palace, Dusit Palace and Chitrlada Palace. The first two used to be residents of the former King. The last one is now the resident of King Rama 9. Also there are many sacred and respective temples to Thai people; Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Pho, Wat Maha Tat where the oldest Buddist university located, Wat Bowornnives where the present king used to stay when his majesty is in the monk hood.

The royal field or Sanam Luang, which is always used to carry the royal ceremonies including royal cremation of the former kings and some royal family, is a landmark of the zone. The other highlight buildings are the national museum where collects a lot invaluable national items and the national dhama threater.

The Bangkok inner zone is also the center of state administration. Most of the important government offices are still located in the area such as the government house, buildings of various ministries, the parliament and even military command head quarter.

The middle zone (business and financial zone):

This includes many bank’s head quarters as well as many important business areas such as Bangkok Bank, Krung Thai Bank, Patumwan, Rajdamri and Pratunam shopping arcades including the shops along Silom and Surawong streets. It is very popular for both Thais and foreigners to shop here where they can spend whole day walking around from one plaza to the others picking up items ranging from cheap to the most expensive ones. The area is passed by the sky train which can take you to every direction of Bangkok.

The China town is the area where the Chinese residents spend their lives and earning their livings. They were originally relocated from the area close to the Grand Palace when King Rama I ordered the move of the capital from Krung Thonburi to Bangkok side. The town area particularly along Yaowarach road remains the whole sale market for fabrics and diverse household products as well as diverse good quality fresh and preserved food and fruits. Along Chareon Krung street to the central railway station, Hua Lampong, there are two important temples, Wat Leng Noiy Yee which belong to Mahayarn Buddism and Wat Trimitr where inside the temple is situated the huge Gold Buddha image.

The early Chinese people who arrived to Thailand were mainly merchants, they and their successors are the major driving force of the Thai economy. It is incredible that the Chinese and Thai blood has been integrated into the same community so successfully. Most of the second Chinese generation claim themselves as Thai.

There are a few well known universities located in this zone. One is Chulalongkorn university, the most recognized university in Thailand and the other Srinakarinintaraviroj university in Sukhumvit road.

The outer zone: (New urban and suburb zone)

Since Bangkok expands very rapidly in the past 20 years, the outer zone which once used to be the farming and industrial zones becomes a new urban and suburb area. There are many modern trades taking place the old style traditional whole sale shops as well as traditional retail shops even the traditional fresh food markets are starting disappear. The farming lifestyles become more urban or big city ones

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