Wat Bho, Wat Chetupon

Sunday, January 23, 2011
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Wat Bho,Wat Pra Chetupon Vimolmangklaram


Wat Bho or Wat Pra Chetupon 

Location: Located in Bangkok next to the Grand Palace Compound

Commuting Means: By bus, by car or by ferry along the Chao Praya river

Construction Period: It was constructed around 1688 – 1703 A.D. during the

Ayuthaya  period.                                                                


Landmark Point: Wealthy fine arts of artistic excellence and distinction landmark.

Visiting time: 2-6 hours visiting would give you a glance or inspire the artistic of excellence,




Brief description:

Wat Pho: The monastery of is divided into two sections, one is the monks residential area while the other is the chapel area. After King Rama I succeeded the throne, he ordered the chapel restoration in A.D. 1688 The temple was again restored and extended more halls at the period of King Rama III in which construction time took more than 16 years. The temple was established with an intention to be the center of medical science. 

To be seen:

The Main Chapel: It was constructed in Ayuthaya style architecture. The doors and windows are made of hard wood with crown like spire and colored grazed tiles inlaid of mother of pearl. The chapel uses for keeping the principle Buddha image in seated manner on three tiered pedestal. The chapel is surrounded with four Pra Prangs built in Khmer style at each corner of the yard.

The Vihara of The Reclining Buddha. The building uses for housing the largest and the most beautiful Reclining Buddha image of 46 metres in length and 14 metres in height. Each foot is 3 metres high and 5 metres long. The feet are inlaid with mother of pearl in various auspicious signs of Thai and Chinese styles.

Hermit Mount Health Park: In ancient time, hermit was regarded as an important teacher for the Thai people. The Hermit Mount Health Park exhibits hermits in different exercising postures which are famous as ancient Thai medical science knowledge. The ancient king established this monastery with an intention to set up as medical science center.

Chinese Stones and Cement Giants and Statues: These objects are very beautiful and fascinating structures brought as ballast from China during ancient Thai-Chinese trading period. However, the Thais are cleverly applying these figures  for decoration or as gate guardians.


1. http://watpho.com/th/home/index.php (Link)

2. Guide to Wat Pho: By Rampaipan Kaewsuriya, Tourist Organization of Thailand, Printed by Ammarin Printing Publishing, 2552 B.E.

3. Sirimongkol Wat Pho: (สิริมงคลวัดโพธิ์) คณะสงฆ์วัดพระเชตุพนจัดพิมพ์เป็นที่รฤกฉลองอายุวัฒนมงคล ๙๐ ปี พระธรรมปัญญาบดี (ถาวร ติสสานุกโร ป.ธ.๔) เจ้าอาวาสวัดพระเชตุพนวิมลมังคลาราม และฉลองกุฏิคณะ น.๑๖ วันที่ ๒๖-๒๗ พฤาภาคม ๒๕๔๙


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