Wat Arun

Sunday, January 23, 2011
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Wat Arunrajvararam (Wat Jang)

Location:           Located at the west side of  Chao Praya river, opposite to the Grand Royal Palace

Commuting Means:   By car, by bus, by taxi or cross the river from East side of Bangkok by ferry                                                                          

Construction Period:   In the period of capital city of Ayutthaya

Landmark Point:   Cultural heritage: History, Thai architecture style, fine arts     


Brief Description

Wat Arunrajavararam or “Wat Arun” or simply called as “Wat Jang” means the temple of drawn located at the west side of Chao Praya river. The temple is one of the most tourist attracted landmark in Bangkok. It was constructed in a mixed Khmer- and Thai fine arts-style Buddhist temple.  

There are many interesting things in the boundary of the temple:  The central Khmer-style Pagoda or official name in Thai “Pra Prang”; Two big Giants standing as guards in front of the temple; Numerous Chinese Sculpt soldier and creature style stones around the temple.

To be seen

  1. Praprangs: A group of five pagodas with the main one at the middle and the other four are surrounded at the cornors. The high light feather are that Pra Prangs are decorated with some sea-shell and small pieces of colorful ceramics or porcelain.
  2. Two giant guards: They are decorated with coloured ceramic Inside the temple ground, there are many styles of Chinese soldier  and Chinese creature sculptures whose quantity is more than 250 pieces
  3. One piece teak wood bed: This belonged to King Tak-Sin who reigned Thailand after declaring independency from Burma. He then established the city of Thonburi as the capital.

       The Image of Pra Prangs Designed With Colorful Decoloration


  1. Ahuesago,  Swasdi (Pra Maha):  “Things to Know in Wat Arun Rajawararam”, February, 1998

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